Advanced Laser Material Objectives

Materials development, particularly in powdered RP/RM materials, has been somewhat stagnant over the past few years, offering customers very few options in material choices. At ALM we believe that the future of the RP/RM industry lies in exploring its manufacturing applications.  There is ample opportunity for the development of new materials for powder-based Rapid Manufacturing platforms.  To achieve this goal, specific focus must be given to:

  • Producing materials with the performance properties required for manufacturing applications.
  • Lowering the cost of production grade materials to enable our clients to use rapid manufacturing technology across a broader range of part families.
  • Manufacturing raw materials to high quality standards and with high consistency.

What Makes Us Different?
Fast Material Solutions!

Our Beginning: 2003

Advanced Laser Materials, LLC began under a technology license from the University of Texas at Austin in late 2003.  A group of dedicated chemical, processing, and engineering experts embarked on a mission to commercialize the development of Rapid Manufacturing (RM) material systems.  Since then, the scope of our work has exponentially broadened to include highly specialized research and development of thermoplastic Rapid Prototyping (RP) and RM materials for our clients.

Our Philosophy

The function of our business is simple; we listen to our customers and deliver effective material systems to meet their requirements.  We have a global supply chain in place that will allow us to manufacture material systems in both large and small batches.  Most uniquely, we will have the added flexibility to deliver many of our materials in customized lots on a per-customer basis.  We also have newly developed technology to modify material properties for custom applications.  This type of customized service has not been available in the RP/RM materials market before.  We plan to offer a broad range of products that will appeal to both the general user as well as those with very specific business requirements.

Over the past three years, ALM has developed a unique, patent pending technology that will open up a broad range of material options for virtually all existing powder-based rapid manufacturing platforms.  We have leveraged the extensive experience of our staff and our founders to develop a comprehensive global supply chain to provide us with a wide range of material choices as well as the ability to custom synthesize materials for our clients.  Our development staff has 60 years of commercial research and development experience, yet our company is small enough to be responsive to individual needs.  We strongly believe that our success is dependent on our ability to listen and work closely with our customers to develop material systems that provide measurable value to your business.

At ALM, we strive to produce Performance Materials specifically designed to meet our customer requirements.  It's a custom industry, so why not expect custom results?

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