Superior Quality Control

you expect superior quality and consistent results from your material supplier. ALM is committed to delivering superior products to our customer...every box, everytime.

Every material that we ship must pass a stringent series of quality control tests before it is boxed and shipped. Every time you receive a material shipment from ALM, you will receive a detailed Certificate of Conformance noting that your shipment complies with the agreed upon specifications.

We also recognize that our customers may have different requirements. If we are not providing the level of detail you require for your application, Contact Us. We will work with you to determine a better solution.

Advanced Laser Materials is currently in the process of ISO-9000, AS 9100 certification.

Partnering With You . . .
For Custom Results

It's a custom industry, so why not expect custom results?

ALM specializes in developing customized material solutions for our clients.  We leverage our global supply chain partners and our expertise in chemical analysis, synthesis, and manufacturing with our rapid manufacturing process technology skills to rapidly develop and produce Performance Chemicals for our clients.

ALM retains laboratory Analytical Service capabilities on site to support both our material property development and quality control programs.  As an advantage over other commercial material suppliers, we have the capability to produce our standard and specialized materials in both large and small quantities.

Advanced Laser Materials also maintains ongoing development efforts in materials we feel have broader market application.  We are currently working on new high performance thermoplastics as well as high temperature material systems to allow our customer base to manufacture functional performance parts for high temperature applications.

We understand your need for custom materials solutions. If you have a custom material need for rapid manufacturing, Contact Us.  Our experts will work with you to meet your requirements.



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