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Our newly renovated and expanded Temple, Texas facility is designed to produce powders in all its various forms, allowing for flexible material development in a single location.

We Do It All

From sourcing of raw materials, grinding, heat treatment, compounding and more, we're able to create powders and confirm their suitability for laser sintering.


We provide laboratory services and can analyze materials to ensure optimum performance in additive manufacturing.


ALM is ISO 9001 Certified and controls all laboratory and material manufacturing for strict quality assurance.


Our team specializes in development of materials for use on your preferred AM system platform.

Tested & Approved

Our material is quality tested at ALM and must meet or exceed regulatory standards or OEM requirements.


We produce the largest variety of materials for powder bed laser sintering, with more than 40 commercial materials that have been developed to meet our customers' needs.


Ask around, we are well known for the quickest turn-around in the industry - place an order and it routinely gets filled in a next day manner.

Global Reach

We can deliver where you need us to with our growing distribution network.

Requirements Met: Your Industry, Your Application

The impact of 3D printing in all industries is still relatively new. But the standards and requirements remain a critical element of your applications. Whether its energy, automotive, consumer, aerospace, or medical, industry demands are high and we can help ensure your success in meeting those requirements


Aerospace OEMs select ALM for their ability to meet their standards for fire retardant and highly specialized materials for in-cockpit, mission-critical parts.

Boeing has rated ALM as a Boeing Gold Status supplier and we have held this status for more than five years, an honor that fewer than one percent of Boeing suppliers hold.


Automotive OEMs depend on ALM to help create material compounds specifically for light weighting or creating structures with leading edge designs.

High-performance Formula 1 racing teams count on ALM to produce a carbon fiber compounded material that brings high strength together with lighter weight for racing applications.


We are pioneers in material development for a variety of high performance medical applications.

We are pioneers in material development of high performance personalized Orthotics.

Materials Database

We have an extensive list of products and are continuously creating new materials based on your needs. If you don’t see the material and specifications you need in our list of offerings, let’s collaborate and determine how to engineer, develop and produce what your application requires.

Fiber Filled

Fiber filled materials include those that are glass, carbon, or mineral fiber and are engineered to have properties that include high temperature usage and high stiffness, extremely light weight and are easy to process.

Materials include but are not limited to:
PEEK HT-23, PA602-CF, PA603-CF, PA640 GSL, HP11-30, PA802-CF, PA803-CF, PA840-GSL, PA820-MF, and PA620-MF

Glass Sphered Filled

Glass sphere filled materials have been engineered to improve physical part properties and for higher temperature usage.

Materials include but are not limited to:
PA614-GS, PA615-GS, PA415-GS, and PA816-GS

Aluminum Filled

Aluminum filled materials have been engineered to improve heat transfer, dimensional stability, and machinability.

Materials include but are not limited to:

Unfilled Materials & Fire Retardant

Unfilled and fire retardant materials have very similar physical properties, are formulated for easy processing and recyclability and they exhibit very little outgassing, which decreases the potential for “fogging” of the laser window.

Materials include but are not limited to:
PA250, PA650, PA2210- FR, PA606-FR, FR-106, PA109-FR, PA862-FR94, PA850 Black, and PA860

Thermoplastic Elastomers

TPE materials are thermoplastic elastomers engineered for very high elongations, but have relatively low tensile strength.

Materials include but are not limited to:
TPE- 210 (PEBA), TPE-300 (TPU), and TPE-360 (CoPE)