Project Description


The HT-23 is based on a PEKK resin with 23% Carbon Fiber compounded in and ground to a fine powder. The carbon fibers are encapsulated in the resin, and due to this, you get a “random” orientation of fibers in the part bed. This random orientation means you will not see differences in your mechanical properties in X vs. Y and you will see a reduced drop off of the Z properties, so physical properties are nearly isotropic. The PEKK is a high performance polymer that is extremely chemically resistant, has a high melt point, and is inherently flame retardant.

Parts made out of HT-23 material offer high strength at low weight and withstand high temperatures. It is the first high-temperature polymer laser sintering solution enabling serial production of demanding composite components for aerospace, electronics and mobility industry.

An EOS P 500 or EOS P 810 is required for processing. Passes FAA 60 second vertical burn, smoke, toxicity, and radiant panel testing.

Material Data Sheet
Material Safety Data Sheet