Materials that Help Bring Your Ideas to Reality

ALM develops performance materials for a wide range of applications. Our patent-pending technologies allow us to offer the following families of custom laser sintering products.

Flexible materials that  be may used in many lifestyle industries, such as footwear

View Thermoplastic Materials

Meets FAR 25.853 60 second burn requirement with virtually no loss in mechanical properties

View Fire Retardant Materials

Very high tensile modulus and HDT

View Carbon Fiber Filled Materials

Superior surface finish, increased stiffness and dimensional stability

View Glass Filled Materials
PP 400
Ultrasint® PP nat 01
TPE 210-S
TPE 360
TPE 300
PA 606-FR
HP 11-30
PA 603-CF
PA 802 – CF
PA 840-GSL
PA 640-GSL
PA 616-GS
PA 615 – GS
PA 614 – GS
PA 415 – GS

Easy to process, excellent impact resistance & elongation at break

View Unfilled Nylon 11 Materials

Very easy to process and good surface finish

View Unfilled Nylon 12 Materials

Much higher impact resistance and elongation at break versus filled PA 12

View Filled Nylon 11 Materials

Easy to process and great dimensional accuracy

View Filled Nylon 12 Materials
PA 850 Black
PA 860
PA 250
PA 650
HP 11-30
PA 840-GSL
PA 802-CF
PA 830-ESD 12
PA 640-GSL
PA 605-A
PA 620-MF
PA 603 – CF
PA 616 – GS
PA 615 – GS
PA 614 – GS
PA 415 – GS

High impact resistant thermoplastic with excellent shock resistance.

View Nylon 6 Materials
Ultrasint® PA6
Ultrasint® PA6 MF
Ultrasint® PA6 LM
Ultrasint® PA6 FR