Our Expertise

We have over 25 years of technical experience in the additive manufacturing industry at your disposal along with a commitment to total customer satisfaction. We recognize that every employee is accountable to the customer, regardless of title or responsibility.

Material Development

From sourcing of raw materials, grinding, heat treatment, compounding and more, we’re able to create powders and confirm their suitability for laser sintering.

Laboratory Services

We provide laboratory services and can analyze materials to ensure optimum performance in additive manufacturing.

Quality Control 

All ALM Performance Chemicals are manufactured to the highest of quality standards. As a chemical company, all of our products are shipped with Certificates of Conformance verifying the material you receive complies with our specifications.

System Upgrades

We have developed an upgrade package that will allow owners of certain laser sintering systems the ability to significantly increase their system productivity at a relatively low cost.

Support Agreements

Our support services offer standard and customized support packages, time and material work on request, as well as real time phone support for your LS & EOS laser sintering systems.

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